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Belt-drive Openers

The Phantom® Model 777CD Belt-drive garage door opener. The sleek and ultra-quiet garage door opener from Overhead Door Corporation. What makes the Phantom so silent is its DC motor operation., not to mention, its belt-channel construction. If you have a living area above or adjacent to the garage, this is the garage door opener for you. The Phantom is the quietiest garage door opener on the market.

Fiber-reinforced Belt Drive

Features super-strong Fiber-reinforced belt for quieter operation than chain drive openers. Belt is five times stronger than steel.

Automated Soft Start and Stop

Provides automatic door operation from slow start to full speed to slow stop, preventing an abrupt jerk upon activation or sudden stop at contact with the garage floor.

Single-function Remote Controller with CodeDodger®

Opens garage door from the comfort and safety of your car. Features exclusive CodeDodger Access Security to outsmart high-tech thieves by preventing illegal entry from access code signal duplication. Each time you activate your remote controller, CodeDodger selects a new electronic access code signal from 4.3 billion combinations. In other words, if you press your remote controller button once every second for 136 years, the same code will never be transmitted twice. With CodeDodger, you can count on your opener to know when it´s you.

Three-Function Deluxe Wall Console

The Deluxe Wall Console controls opener from inside garage and features security vacation lock and independent light control with energy-saving shut-off timer.

Twin-End Automatic Lighting

Provides up to 200 watts of bright, even light when system is activated. Automatically shuts off after five minutes.

Phantom Safety Systems

Overhead Door´s Phantom Model 777-CD is designed with a six-part protection system that exceeds all UL, state and federal regulations.

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